Tom and Barbara Davis

Tom & Barbara Davis

Tom and Barbara Davis are co-pastors of Restoration World Outreach, is a passionately liberating, culturally diverse church in Wilmington, Delaware. Tom is known for his cutting-edge prophetic ministry and breakthrough anointing that brings about life affecting, God ordained change in the lives of many.

Tom’s and Barbara’s desire is to develop “stand out” men and women to rise as a voice to their generation and to fulfill Kingdom purpose.

Tom’s and Barbara’s prophetic ministry extends throughout the United States and in other nations of the World. With thousands of people having been trained, it is the desire of this dynamic duo to minister a word that challenges people to become agents of change to effectively impact their world with the power and demonstration of the Spirit.

Recognizing that there is nothing that compares to the potential unleashed in each believer who becomes awakened to the possibilities and potential in their life, Tom and Barbara are striving to raise that awareness. Frequently hosting conferences and workshops with a focus on increasing the understanding and operation of one’s membership ministry and spiritual gifts, they work to help shape a ready people.

The Davis’ are increasingly sought out for their wisdom and insight in spiritual matters while yet continuing to seek the Lord for innovative strategies for harvesting souls and completing the work of Christ in the earth.

As apostolic leaders in their region, Tom and Barbara are responsible for forming “Worship Delaware“, a regional apostolic prayer network, which brings together many churches and spiritual organizations for maximum effectiveness in bringing transformational breakthrough on both, national and international levels.