DFC churches value Spirit Empowered living. Just as Christian lives are fruitful only to the extent that they are Spirit born, Spirit formed and Spirit empowered, so must all Christian ministry be born of the Spirit, formed by the Spirit and empowered by the Spirit.

DFC seeks to place proper emphasis on the vital role the Spirit has in empowering us for Christian living and ministry. We believe that God is still speaking, still healing, still moving in and among His people, and sensitivity to the Spirit is essential to receiving from, and participating in, the Spirit’s activity.

Often churches and ministries that emphasize the role of the Spirit do so at the expense of emphasizing the importance of God’s word. Our desire is to model ministry that is both strong in the word and strong in Spirit. We don’t see these as either/or dimensions, but as both/and Kingdom realities. And just as in the beginning when the Spirit hovered and the Word spoke, creation was birthed, we long to see ministry that makes room for the Spirits presence and the Word’s power so that new creation springs forth in our churches over and over again.