Tony and Kathy Miller

Tony Miller

Bishop Tony Miller went to be with our Lord on January 19th, 2021. He left behind a legacy that spans generations and continents. As a spiritual father to many, and a pastor to pastors , Bishop Miller impacted and changed lives and affected an untold amount of lives with the love and heart of the Father. Bishop was one of the clearest prophetic voices, most effective communicators of the gospel, and strongest leaders of a generation. Above all, he was a faithful husband, father, grandfather and friend. His legacy continues on through his family and loved ones, the Destiny Fellowship of Churches and Ministries, the Gate Church, and the Tony Miller Library app.

Kathy Miller

Tony and Kathy Miller together had over 35 years of real-life experience in full time ministry. Through this unique anointing God commissioned Tony and Kathy to hold up the hands of front line leaders around the globe and to be one of those that truly is a Pastor to Pastors.

From their humble beginnings as youth ministers in 1978 to launching a new church in South Florida in 1990 until moving to Oklahoma City in 2006 we have seen the fruit of their strategic leadership and dynamic preaching as signs and wonders follow their labor of love. Tony and Kathy have helped birth numerous churches throughout the world and through their ministry have trained over 300,000 leaders face to face.

As a committed senior leader, Kathy is dedicated to building The Gate Church to be a Full Gospel, Pentecostal, Expressive congregation of believers who are not just getting filled up but are being poured out. From city initiatives through the non-profit CDC CityReach under Kathy’s care to our Trans-local Leadership schools birthed out of Tony’s desire to see everyone reach their full potential, building for city transformation is what comes natural and what she was born to do.

In 2021, Kathy was ordained as Bishop of Destiny Fellowship International. She actively leads this relational, local-church focused, and spirit- empowered group. Through DFC thousands of pastors churches have been empowered for world-impact.

Kathy loves her family and enjoys vacationing with her three daughters, son-in-laws, and grandchildren. She has three daughters and son-in-laws that co-labor in the body of Christ through various ministry assignments. She enjoys trying new restaurants, watching movies, and going on cruises when she can. She is also an avid Oklahoma City Thunder Fan.