At DFC, we value Authentic Relationships. Bishop Miller often says, “The Kingdom is administered relationally.” Jesus is building His church and the church’s privilege is to be administering His Kingdom in the earth. For us to be effectively administer the Kingdom in the earth, we need to be rightly aligned in vertical relationship (with God) and horizontal relationships (with one another). DFC desires to be a place that provides opportunity for churches and leaders that share our vision and values to rightly align in authentic relationships and together administer the Kingdom.

Jesus provided a model of how the Kingdom is administered. In Mark 3:14, Jesus ordained 12 that they might be with Him providing for them and us a model of authentic relationships. As they were with Him, they learned to partner together in authentic relationships. Jesus’ model demonstrates that we are not designed to do life… and especially ministry alone.

Simply put, we believe we are better together and when we partner in authentic relationships we are better equipped and empowered for Kingdom purpose. We recognize that authentic relationships require an investment of both time and money. We strategically design network events with opportunities to establish and nurture authentic relationships.